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Adelaide Salsa Festival with some timing

Watch this if timing is an issue (comes in around 1:51).

Video thanks to papi5000

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Cool Salsa. Frankie Martinez


video thanks to SuawekL [link]

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Salsa with style

Came across in my wandering through the tubeosphere.

video thanks to jr297 [jump]

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Salsa Percussion. Monthly at Euston, London. Sat 4th July

Hadn’t allowed for London traffic and as I’m not accustomed to driving in London, got there late.

The percussion class had already started but looked good with a variety of instruments. [link to ad on gumtree]

The salsa class was fun! here is how it went (or something like this, allowing for inadvertent errors).
Each Unit Sequence (One – Thirteen) to an 8 beat count of music [jump to link]

One Basic Mambo forward and back ( count of 123, 567) If not sure look up [jump to Salsa Basics]
Two Spot Outside turn for follow
Three 1 Back break

5 Spot Outside turn (single or double

Four Basic mambo
Five 1 Cross body lead

5 open out and man bends down as if to pick up a flower with RH

[jump to CBL]
Six 1 Back break

5 Present flower to follow and she puts it behind her Left ear

Seven 1 Cross body lead

5 open out and man puts his RH fingers to his lips as if a kiss

Eight 1 Back break

5 Plant the kiss on her left cheek

Nine 1-3  as Basic mambo

5-7  follow pretends to slap with her LH

Man does Left Turn

Ten Side Mamab0
Eleven Side mambo with dip.7  Change hads for R to R.Hand hold
Twelve 1-3  as Basic mambo

5 Rto R.Hand armlockbehind follow’s back

Present L.Hand and turn

Thirteen Improvise end with comb over or CBL dip
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MamboCity Splash @ Hayling Island 17th – 20th July 2009

I going and have a spare! Interested?
Lakeside Classic Resort
Fishery Lane, Hayling Island, Hampshire, PO11 9NR

If you are new to salsa or Cross Body Style these types of events are great places to learn quickly from the basics to intermediate, because you become totally immersed into the salsa scene and meet all types of dancers.

Don’t be shy, hope to see you there!

Only 80 miles from London. set in well-tendered gardens and grounds,with choices of accommodation available ranging from the comfort of a Standard room, to the extra touch of style in a Premier Lodge. This “cut above the rest” Salsa venue promises to offer, a value for money short break, you can be rest assured that you will be able to enjoy all the facilities on offer without any of those common hidden extras.

Mambo city Hayling Island

    Themed Party Night for July 2009:

– Friday Night: Welcome Dinner & Dance.
– Saturday Night: Black Tie Dinner & Dance.
– Sunday Night: Heores & Villians.

You can purchase a Weekend/Day Pass online, (No Party Night Tickets available), all tickets must be purchased in advance, you will not be able to purchase tickets on the day, anyone arriving without tickets will be refused entry.

Try a search for Salsa and you will be directed to a heap of delicious recipes. e.g.
Salsa verde
img source and thanks [..]

    But I want this

Salsa dancing
img source and thanks [..]

    1. BBC – Food – Recipes – Raw salsa

      To make the salsa, combine all the ingredients together in a bowl and serve
      immediately. Show me more tomato recipes. Find out more about these ingredients

    2. How To Make Tomato Salsa Recipe (Food & Drink: Cheap Recipes)

      Video : Tomato Salsa Recipe. Juicy Tomato Salsa served as a main dish or a
      classic dip accompanied by tortilla chips. Try our Tomato Salsa

    3. Fresh Salsa RecipeSalsa with Fresh Tomatoes and Cilantro

      This fresh tomato salsa recipe is made with ripe tomatoes, serrano chile peppers
      or jalapeno peppers, chopped onion, garlic, cilantro, and lime juice.

  1. Video results for salsa

  2. © Salsa Cycles 2009 · Bicycling

    22 Jun 2009 Product index, salsa recipes, catalog requests, mission statement and contact information. – CachedSimilar

  3. Salsa! UK

    I need a favour Salsa Nation meet-up Sunday Salsa All Dayer New Tuesday Wednesday shapeimage_3_link_0 shapeimage_3_link_1 shapeimage_3_link_2 – CachedSimilar

But add the word dance + salsa and here is the result.

Advanced Search

Search: the web pages from the UK

Results 110 of about 5,300,000 for salsa dance. (0.13 seconds)

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  2. Dance Salsa 1-Day Course Dance salsa in a day with a one day course in Central London Saturdays

Search Results

  1. Salsa (dance) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia · Dancing

    Salsa is a dance for Salsa music created by Spanish-speaking people from the Caribbean and their immigrant communities in the US. Salsa dancing mixes – CachedSimilar

  2. Casino (salsa dance) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    31 Dec 2008 Casino is a wholly Cuban dance developed during the mid and late 1960s in Miramar, Havana. It is a form of what we now call “Cuban Salsa” as – CachedSimilar

  3. Learn to Dance Salsa : Basic Steps for Beginners · Latin Music

    7 min – 9 May 2006 –

    Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 for more salsa dance lessons! Learn the basic steps to salsa dancing free. This Latin dance video ist a ‘practice with us

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    Rated 4.0 out of 5.0 – A quick introduction to the art of Salsa Dancing, with tips and demonstration. Part 1 of 3. For more dancing clips visit!

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    Swing and Salsa dancing, music to salsa moves, oldies music and dance lessons. Lindy Hop, Free Jazz, Ceroc Moves, DVD clips.

  6. Salsa Dance · Dancing

    1 min 28 sec – 12 Dec 2008 –

    Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

    good dance

  7. Salsa History of Salsa Dancing · Latin Music

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  10. Salsa Dance Practice

    3 min 33 sec – 23 Oct 2005 –

    Rated 4.5 out of 5.0

    Sonja and Marques practices salsa dancing at their dance studio

  11. News results for salsa dance

    Young Beijingers dance to a Latino beat‎ – 4 days ago

    By Francois BougonJune 24, 2009 A Latino dancer performs salsa dancing during a “Latino” “It’s a passion, when you dance salsa you’re just not tired,

    Vancouver Sun2 related articles »

Searches related to: salsa dance
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salsa dancing lessons salsa dancers rumba ballroom dance mambo latin dance
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Tony & Daniela’s invite to the Latin Dance Festival

Video Thanks to DJ Tony Lara

Lati Dance Festival
[Jump to sexy Latin Festival]

Tony Lara & Daniela de Francesco, Bachata Lovers Festival, Warsaw 2009

World mourns Michael Jackson 1958-2009 because we grew up with his music and it transcends age.
His dance energy is just so envigorating and awe inspiring.
So many memories, so many songs.
Here is one out of the many; a purely subjective choice.

If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

Michael Jackson performing “Man in the Mirror” live at the 1988 Grammy Awards with a Gospel Choir.

Video thanks to jjleed

Big follow requires greater acceleration.
Dainty little wee lass, needs none or nearly none or she goes flying across the floor.

People are different and it’s upto the man as the lead to differentiate the force necessary to complete the turn in time.

As though we didn’t have enough to do already!!

Hard lesson, but one I nearly got disastrously wrong.

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