Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 27/07/2009

Bar La Vista, Towerbridge, London. New Salsa venue.

The Don & Bar La VistaWell, What can you say!  What a fabulous venue right next to Towerbridge, London[google link].   Large window upstairs giving a fabulous view of the Bridge and “The Egg” etc. The large sprung wooden floor is terrific. I arrived early, unlike the last time [Previous post] so decided to go and have a meal in view of the serious dancing I would be doing all night long.  The restaurant downstairs The Don [Jump to link for The] with Italian cuisine is clean, meticulous, waiters polite and well trained and the food; I had grilled Sea Bass Pescatore …finger licking good. Drink is a bit on the pricey side, but that obviously relates to the location.

This was Veronica’s [Jump to Veronica’s invite]first Salsa class in that venue and they obviously didn’t have enough time to do the essential marketing. The class couldn’t really get going, due to the lack of numbers. And she kindly refunded my fee. So the 12 or 14 of us (including Bar staff and DJ)  just stayed and danced, talked and shared a few drinks and all-in-all it was a pleasant evening. Veronica and her friends make you feel welcome and I even got to learn Colombian style of Salsa ( as some of them were Colombian). I am so used to linear, 8 beat LA CBL (Jump if you need to find out about Cross Body Lead) moves that it was a bit difficult to let go and just feel the 4 beat and dance to that.

Next time maybe when the place is mobbed.  We live in hope!



  1. Great news!, hopefully the new venue may put some live music events for special occasions.
    Please follow this link for audio samples of the busy and entertaining band “Los Musicos”:

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