Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 23/07/2009

Smooth Salsa lesson at Bournemouth, Loft Bar.

Monday 6th July 2009 with Neville Ashman of Latino beat []

Check them out on facebook [jump to link]

Words can never adequately describe an art from such as Salsa because it is about performance, but let me try and describe some of the moves I learnt. Having said that, get you arse down to a salsa class and learn to do it with finesse. Because one can never learn Salsa by just reading about.

The reason why I am putting it here is:
a)Inspirational. It’s a personal reminder of a good experience.
b) Motivational. Let’s assume you are unable to get to a Salsa class or venue then at least you may be encouraged to do so.

Neville has been running a series of special Monday classes with guest teachers which appears to be a success.

Salsa on a Monday just got a whole lot better!!!!!!……… after the success of booking of Sinead, Moe Flex and Rosa & Giles on Monday nights,…………

Latino Beat has now booked some of the best Instructors on the UK Salsa circuit for every Monday in July, see below for details………..


7.30pm – Midnight


Mon 6 July – DAN & BEX
Mon 13 July – FEMI & LIVVY
Mon 20 July – IAN WORRELL
Mon 27 July – NIGEL MAYE

Lead’s notes & Unit  Sequence to an 8 beat count of music or 2 Bars.

One Right to Right Hand hold. Basic Mambo forward and back ( count of 123, 567) If not sure look up [jump to Salsa Basics]
1 Back break keep tension in R.Hand
2 Bring in the follow
3 Move to her right and put your R.hand on her belly.

Start moving behind F’ (Follow) and

7 you should be alongside on her left and take her L.Hand in you L.H

Three 1- 3 Basic Mambo forward

5-7  R.Leg Hook turn. Present R.H but don’t let go of the L.H immediately

F’s Spot  Inside Turn

Four 1 Back break keep tension

3 take her R.Wrist in your R.H

5 push her R.H away for Outside Turn

7 Catch R.H2R.H

Five 1 Present L.H on top for Copa

3 L.H Out and both facing same way

5 R foot step to the Right while raising R.H keep L.H down

6 Continue the clockwise turn and raise L.H

7  Continue turning raising R.H

Six Two Handed Outside Turn  on

7 Comb over (choice is yours, either over F’ or self)

Seven Cross Body Lead [jump to Cross Boby Lead]
Eight 1 Basic Mambo forward

5 Man’s Hook turn



  1. tracking back – Smooth Salsa lesson at Bournemouth, Loft Bar…. tracking back – Smooth Salsa lesson at Bournemouth, Loft Bar….

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