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Posture, supportive shoes and care of the body. For Salsa that is. What else?

Posture improvement by Steve Pavlina [Jump to article]
Good posture technique
[Expert village video on posture for Salsa dancer]

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Kirstyjane writes, suffering with metatarsal pain

It is potentially very hard on the dancer without the proper training and physical maintenance; and it’s no surprise that many people who dance for fun still end up with plantar fasciitis, metatarsal problems, worn out knees or ankles and rusty hip joints. And yet so few dedicated amateur salsa dancers seem to take the time to warm up before dancing or cool down afterwards – indeed, relatively few instructors seem to provide the opportunity – and you can frequently see people dancing in clubs for hours on end on impossibly high teetery shoes or worn out trainers, both of which are potentially very harmful things in their own ways. Surely one thing that we salseros and salseras can take from our friends in ballroom is the emphasis on posture, supportive shoes and care of the body.

Even if you do have the right shoes, the right attitude to warmups and cooldowns and the right respect for your own physical fitness, dance injuries still happen; as demonstrated by my unfortunate metatarsal. However, being physically fit and equipped with good footwear – not to mention being wise enough to rest when your body needs you to – can make dance injuries a passing inconvenience rather than a potentially permanent problem. Ballet and jazz technique are also instrumental in ensuring that your posture and movements are healthy.

Fellow dancers, I advise you to eat well, sleep well, stretch well and ensure that you’ll be in good form to enjoy dancing for years to come; even if your passion is “only” social dance.

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    And even while standing, sitting or moving around, we also contribute to bad postural form by slouching our shoulders, pushing our head forward, or letting our buttocks or abdomen stick out which may contribute to more serious problems such as kyphosis, lordosis, or scoliosis.

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    1. trackingback – Posture, supportive shoes and care of the body. For Salsa that is. What else?… trackingback – Posture, supportive shoes and care of the body. For Salsa that is. What else?…

    2. […] winslie gomez wrote an interesting post today onPosture, supportive shoes and care of the body. For Salsa that is <b>…</b>Here’s a quick excerpt […]

    3. This is very interesting. I havea body parts that seem out of place like the second man in the picture which is far to arched and has his chest out and if you have a bell will show more of the bell as well. Why do I feel people say mean things like he is so gay or yuck look at him he is so ugly just by posture and walking. People or stranger and friends have commented about my posture and walking most of it being mean and discouraging. Being called deragatorriy names and have dirty looks only makes this issue more inportant that ever for me as it has cause serious mental distress and anguish. Even if I am gay their is no need for other’s to know or just not over broadcastr if you know hat I mean. I want to feel normal and confortable in public not like if I am going to stant out and be rediculed for something that I have no control over sorry to say. The middle man in the picture says it all for me. That is my posture with a chest that seems it’s about to burst and that I am perpously showing of, which I am not. The belly or abdominal area also in that pose seems to come out more as well and in a way that seems you are proudly showing off. I hate it because it give people in public the wrong impression. I rally need help and understanding with this issue. It’s not just posture it’s a masculine or male posture that I seem having dificulty in acheiving. I am trying to improve my posture in a more masculine apropriate manner. Is this so much to ask for only to have people to say forget what other’s are saying about and be happy in who you are followed by you care to much what other’s think and do and you need to exept the way you are. I gues being called names and having dirty looks and sneakering behing my back isn’t all that bad if you are apethetic to anything. I need help and advice for this. I am so glad I stubbled on this site for the example of the picture showing a bad posture I feel other’s other sites or videos don’t show or discuss. Please keep me updated in this and THANK YOU so much.

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