Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 07/07/2009

Salsa Percussion. Monthly at Euston, London. Sat 4th July

Hadn’t allowed for London traffic and as I’m not accustomed to driving in London, got there late.

The percussion class had already started but looked good with a variety of instruments. [link to ad on gumtree]

The salsa class was fun! here is how it went (or something like this, allowing for inadvertent errors).
Each Unit Sequence (One – Thirteen) to an 8 beat count of music [jump to link]

One Basic Mambo forward and back ( count of 123, 567) If not sure look up [jump to Salsa Basics]
Two Spot Outside turn for follow
Three 1 Back break

5 Spot Outside turn (single or double

Four Basic mambo
Five 1 Cross body lead

5 open out and man bends down as if to pick up a flower with RH

[jump to CBL]
Six 1 Back break

5 Present flower to follow and she puts it behind her Left ear

Seven 1 Cross body lead

5 open out and man puts his RH fingers to his lips as if a kiss

Eight 1 Back break

5 Plant the kiss on her left cheek

Nine 1-3  as Basic mambo

5-7  follow pretends to slap with her LH

Man does Left Turn

Ten Side Mamab0
Eleven Side mambo with dip.7  Change hads for R to R.Hand hold
Twelve 1-3  as Basic mambo

5 Rto R.Hand armlockbehind follow’s back

Present L.Hand and turn

Thirteen Improvise end with comb over or CBL dip


  1. […] Egg” etc. The large sprung wooden floor is terrific. I arrived early, unlike the last time [Previous post] so decided to go and have a meal in view of the serious dancing I would be doing all night long.  […]

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