Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 23/06/2009

Salsa tunes found thru Spotify

Spotify is a FREE music streaming site in UK, that allows you to create playlists and listen to tunes you may never have considered before. As you can see from the two videos I hunted down found after listening to the music on Spotify.

You do have to join but I think it’s worth it.  You have the choice either to get the music for FREE or pay for their premium service of £10 /month (less a penny, of course!) Spotify . Quite happy with the free option especially as you can have the music in the background while you are doing something else and if a tune does catch your attention then it’s just a question of buying the ones you definitely do like.

They do have an audio ad for every five or so tracks which you can live with, better than some prat who likes the sound of his own voice going on & on & on and taking up listening time.

sin sentimiento – grupo niche

zona rika voy pa lla

    I liked these tunes

Lady Salsa -by Romoletto DJ
Ven Bernabe
Fallaste Corazon -by Isaac Delgado
Mujer Latina
Melao De Cana
Sera que se acoba
My best day -by Kiprich
No hay craneo nena – in Salsa Mania
La Predatora – in Salsa Mania
Ya Dellali -by Malik Adouane
Dame Mas
La Vida es un carnaval

This is what Johnny Dee had to say in the Guardian [jump to full article]

Providing the beleaguered music industry with a way to make money and something swish for us, Spotify, a Swedish invention with major label endorsement, works a treat. Like a cross between iTunes and early Napster, Spotify allows you to access millions (possibly quazillions) of free and legal music while sharing your taste. You don’t own the tracks or download them, but the sound quality is good, as is the speed of searches, which allows you to satisfy that itch to hear a random 1980s single by Aztec Camera or the latest Wiley album, while the radio button provides you with all manner of random wonder.



  1. Although spotify sounds great it currently doesn’t allow for sign ups without an invitation token it seems. At least not for the free version.

  2. Walter
    They started the site here in UK (where it’s free or pay £9.99/month approx 20 USD without advertising).

    Sorry cannot commnet on the US version, but like everything else there will be someone somewhere who will get you in.

    Good luck and if I find anything of use will pass it on.
    Cheers and thanks

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