Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 20/06/2009

Dance around the world by Boston

This is an amazing collection of evidence of dance from around the world

Thanks to Boston article “Dance around the world

We humans are natural dancers. Dances can be celebrations, or for praise, or for an audience – or just a simple act of letting the rhythm move your body. Dancers can communicate ideas, preserve cultural identities, strengthen social bonds, or just have a lot of fun. Collected here are recent photographs of us, human beings around the world, professional and amateur, in motion for all of the reasons above and more. (39 photos total)

Here are a couple of the pictures but you really need to see it in full size:[jump]

Similar to the question “Why do we dance?!
Or my ire on “dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire” proven to be completely false



  1. […] just did not have even a little grasp of rhythm then how will you get on to the basics of dance [dance from around the world] Dancing has become a drug of choice similar to the concept of […]

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