Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 05/06/2009

Salsa Basics. Steps you can practise in any location.

When I first started salsa (Dec ’08) I would practise the forward and back steps, keeping to the Quick, Quick, Slow rhythm, to any music, whenever I got the opportunity, obviously picking slow numers I could keep time to.

[previous article on Eddie Palmieri on 3/2 beat ]

[watch Ortoaxis explain Salsa Beat]

[Jump for some examples of salsa music]

Copied below a tiny excerpt from and thanks to for an excellent write up, highly recommend, please read.[Jump]

Salsa has an 8-count basic step. There is four beats in every bar. The music is played in two bar phrases, thereby forming an eight-count. Sometimes referred to as 4/4. The moves in salsa are formed around the 8 beats. There are a few people out there that count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, but most choose to use 1-2-3-*-5-6-7-* as their count since nothing happens on the 4 or the 8. By the way, the nothing happening on the 4 or 8 part is true whether you dance on the 1 or on the 2.

Addicted to Salsa have some great video [Jump to view if it does not play below] They can be found at

Men (Lead) steps in Blue and Lady (Follow) in Skin tone.

Thanks to




  1. Great post!

    The beat is always something that is the most challenging to teach to someone that has no ear for music. Any tool to help in that field is appreciated.


  2. Thanks Ilias
    Excellent idea! Will definitely get to the task.

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