Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 04/06/2009

The idea that “dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire” is as useful as a fart in a storm!

So the quote is from a famous person.
Does it make it “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”?
Why Do I dance? Why does anyone dance?
That was the question or questions that popped into my head the other day, early one morning, over an espresso.

Why Do I dance? Well in my case, I suppose I am trying to re-live my youth or re-discover what I enjoyed in my earlier years. I wanted to return to a happy place something that had passion.

Putting it simply; because I enjoy dancing!

Then I asked myself why are the others in that Salsa class. And that brings a myriad of responses.

Article in “Why do we like to dance–And move to the beat?”[jump]

in essence, dance—may constitute a pleasure double play.

Music is known to stimulate pleasure and reward areas like the orbitofrontal cortex, located directly behind one’s eyes, as well as a midbrain region called the ventral striatum. In particular, the amount of activation in these areas matches up with how much we enjoy the tunes. In addition, music activates the cerebellum, at the base of the brain, which is involved in the coordination and timing of movement.

OK dancing does have elements of sensuality, but the idea that “dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire” if that expression encapsulates dancing, then, it is as useful “as a fart in a storm”

Here is someone else talking about Capoeira [jump to christinapomoni’s blog]
Here is someone who has a collection of quotes [jump]:



  1. I think it alters you mood just like any other exercise, but adds music and a social aspect

  2. Agree!
    Would it be true to say that dance is found in every culture?

  3. […] around the world Similar to the question “Why do we dance?! Or my ire on “dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire” proven to be completely […]

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