Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 20/05/2009

Hook Turn in Salsa. The Basic Problem

I learned to do the hook turn the wrong way at the variety of different Salsa classes that I have been to in South Uk (too many to name),. Mainly because they want you to complete the turn and be facing your partner by beat 1 of the next bar of music and so miss out the step on 6 to make the turn smoother, as beginners tend to be a bit, shall we say, “clunky”.  What some of these dance teachers forget, however,  is that they have developed an automatic response to music and therefore they can maintain the timing and make the turn look smooth.

The same cannot be said for someone who may be attempting to do the hook turn for the first time, because if they lose the count, then timing goes out the window and incurs the displeasure of the follow (the gorgeous creature in your arms).  Once the man cannot step out on the beat he will have learnt to do something incorrectly.

WARNING: Salsa can never be learned by just reading about it.  A good dance class is crucial, followed by social dancing and I would add some homework practising, as well.

Lets consider the Hook Turn for, On 1,  Cross Body Style of Salsa .

1. (Quick) Left foot forward

2. (Quick) Step on Right foot

3. (Slow)  Left foot back

5. (Quick) Hook Right Foot behind Left & prep to turn clockwise

6. (Quick) Continue with clockwise turn, weight on Left foot, but don’t lift the Right foot because it will need to wrap.

7. (Slow) Step with weight on to Right foot. Left is now ready for next 1 beat

Here are a three varying video examples, leave you to decide:

Thanks to zutur18: 5rite-turn-with-hook

Thanks to bailahuntsville: Man Hook Turn. .

Thanks to bburkitt86: Open break, Hook turn, Copa .


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