Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 19/05/2009

Connection, Focus, Expressing Music. Three salsa dance ingredients

According to SalsaCrazy. Thank you!

I had previously written about “ability to dance salsa is not based on how long you’ve been dancing but on Timing, Grace and Musicality”.

Salsacrazy describes

Connection is that elusive feeling of elasticity that partners share on the dance floor. What is elasticity? Like a rubber band, it describes the feeling of tension and pressure, between tight and rigid, and loose and “spaghetti-like”. We’re looking for something in-between that both partners love. Elasticity is the ultimate expression of perfect leading and following. While technique is important, training and practice (and many, many different dance partners) is the only way to truly be able to understand proper arm tension, finger tension, and arm elasticity required to allow your partners to float around the floor.

  • While I equate connection with a very gentle and sure lead and a graceful, smooth and fast follow, it’s important to point out that there are dancers who will view connection as having occurred even with lots of force and harsh movements (a more LA flashy style). However, my personal preference not-withstanding, I personally equate even hard and flashy stuff as perhaps having good connection if both dancers in the partnership, like that style. So in that sense, it fulfills their fix and gets them that connection they crave. It is not defined by what one person likes, but that feeling of connection which they BOTH like. For me, that’s light, tight, and fast. For others, it could be hard and fast. It’s the relative tension, so it’s balanced AND counterbalanced by personal preferences.
  • Connection can be established by the man through his lead as Marchant in the Bristol Salsa workshop, talked about:


    Focus on the partner is surely a must! it doesn’t have to be in the Faux latin passion either.

    Salsacrazy says regarding expressing music:

    Finally, it’s the music. Possibly the easiest of the secrets to understand at first glance, its definition is not what you’d expect. It’s not just the music itself, but the expression of the music through your connection with your partner that makes a dance a great one.

    I call it Musicality and even described it as the Heartbeat

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