Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 18/05/2009

Super Salsa Workshop in Bristol with Marchant and Davina

The 3hr workshop was organised by Lee from  Salsa Montuno of Bristol and held at the Fitness First Gym, Saturday 16th May 2009 from 1:30- 4:30pm.

Personal salsa status

When Marchant was speaking to the men, he drew a linear chart of the key ingredients that a man needs to focus on and he explained the sad fixation that some men have in acquiring flashy moves. His list was:


So I gave it some thought and had a look at a pie chart of my current salsa satatus (above).

Marchant and Davina are of course the brilliant and much sought after Salsa instructors of Alchemy Dance Company from Basingstoke, UK and have their regular classses on Thursdays at the Oakridge Hall on Forsythia Walk [jump to directions].

There is so much I could write about the three hour session, but I felt it would be worthwhile to share a tiny snippet, that Marchant described. It helped me a great deal in mapping my progress and giving me a track to run on, so to speak.

It is a good, sobering, attainment spotcheck and I am sure would be of value to any aspiring salsa dancer, at any level. I mentioned it before ability to dance can be developed and feeling and expressing the music through movement should be the goal. That in itself is a pleasure to behold

Salsa resource [jump]

Chart page



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