Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 14/05/2009

Ability to dance Salsa is not based on how long you’ve been dancing

But rather on your ability, on a few little, but fairly crucial factors: Timing, Grace and Musicality.

Timing:  To be able to step out on beat 1.  One clue in the song is, when the singer begins singing and it’s always on the 1st beat of the bar.

Grace:  To be able to execute the move smoothly and gracefully and make the follow feel as though she’s floating on air. Let’s call it Physicality

Musicality:  Thirdly, to understand the different sections of a song i.e. when the different instruments begin to express themselves and the feel of the song changes. Some call it Musicality or expressing your body to music.

Lastly, we need to learn to relax and enjoy that moment with that particular partner.

One of the irksome statements I come across, whenever I venture into a new club/class where I am an unknown is, when the lady I’ve asked to dance says something similar to, “how long have you been dancing?”.  Then when we get on to the floor and this lady exhibits that peculiarity known as “Spaghetti Arm Syndrome”, a particular chronic condition among some women who have been dancing badly for a indescribable period of time.

These dear creatures  need a crash course on holding a good frame (that’s got to be a good topic for  a future date) and the best place I can think of is Alchemy Dance Company and in the recommending vein, a good reference for salsa terminology I’ve come across is onlinesalsa.



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  6. I agree, those are three things one must now. But let’s not put ourselves in a box, Salsa can start on the one yes (and that is very good) but you can also start on the 2 which goes better with the clave.

  7. Thank You Eiferlegm
    Of course there is On2 (Clave) but I am pursuing Linear Salsa on 1. Until I have mastered that, I am not going to venture onto anything else.

    Perhaps you would like to write something of the variations and benefits of On2 salsa.

    In fact there are some who argue that salsa ON2 is smoother.

    I am just an enthusiastic amateur and quite happy with my progress.

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