Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 11/05/2009

Give it to Me Right by Melanie Fiona

Apologies for not quoting the source as forgotten how I happened to come across this video and it’s been sitting in my taskbar for days now. Periodically listen to the hypnotic beat, repeatedly.

Great voice Melanie [Jump]

Global Grind One on One with Melanie Fiona
There’s a new wave of artists on the way up, and Melanie Fiona is a name that you’ll definitely want to know. Fresh off her stint as the opening act…

Rap up Says

Cool Video Idolator



  1. She’s good! It’s to see and hear new faces in the entertainment industry. It’s just that only some will really be given the opportunity for fame. But I think everybody could be what they want to be even becoming an actress is not hard. I’ve seen one blog and my impression of not reaching my dream changed. Please try visiting that site.My Wish The Movie

  2. Lanie
    Thank you for dropping by and like the My Wish site.

    Wishing YOU every success!

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