Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 06/05/2009

Look Sexy! Boost your chances.

Seemed to be the choices that Kirsten (singer from STEPS) faced and so do a lot of women as they get ready for a night out Salsa dancing.

kirsten from Steps

Below is a link to the hour long BBC documentary following Kirsten and her topless ambition. At around 17:00 minutes Dress where you want to be , seems to be the best advice I have ever heard and applies to both genders i.e. men and women.

Click here to view

Kirsten was considering doing a topless article in a lads mag just to be noticed and get a career boost. Look sexy or you are won’t be noticed seemed to be the message society seems to convey.

If you dont know about STEPS here is a link to an unofficial website

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