Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 01/05/2009

Stepping Salsa on the Beat

Here is a promotional video where ortoaxis explains phrases. I haven’t bought the set so could not possibly recommend.

I know the difficulty in finding beat 1 and sometimes you end up starting to dance on 5 and the experienced Salsera may give you a glance that says “what exactly are you doing” or the nicer ones may just smile to themselves.

Some of the salsa songs, it is adequately possible to start to dance on the 5th beat (or should I say, the 1st beat of the second bar). Listen to someone like Ortoaxis who knows what they are talking about, rather than me babbling on.

Be patient as it is 9:29 mins long and English is not his native tongue. At around 7:00 he explains the drum language.

Thanks Ortoaxis!

Marchant of Alchemy Dance Company, once spoke about it at one of the monthly Jazz Cafe sessions that I attended and I think Davina allows the beginners to Salsa, experience a variety of music, to get to grips with starting on 1.

Salsa musicality is certainly intriguing and therefore enjoyable, exciting and exhilerating.



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