Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 19/04/2009

Lover, Companion, Odd-job-man

Salsa dancing even inspires you to write poetry!

I started scribbling these words at the breakfast table. My subconscious mind must have been churning away with amusement, as a result of a conversation at the bar from the night before.

There I was monday morning, 06th April 2009 at the Carrington Hotel, Bournemouth, venue of the 5th Latin festival. Brilliant weekend but that will have to be another post.

    Lover, Companion, Odd-job-man

The women of Bournemouth all agree.
One man just isn’t good enough, they need all three.
Three in one is rare, even a fantasy.
Creatures dreaming dreams, of course a luxury.
Is there any truth or just plain frivolity.
“Origin of the Species” we assume is reality.

Proud Lion has his pride and bride.
Bull has a herd. The cows they don’t hide.
Stag has long antlers. Hinds that smile while they stride.
These males are never far, always at their side

What women need is, Jesus.
Lover & Companion he could be. It’s not that ridiculous.
With just one tool in his box, he hardly represents the rest of us.
He satisfies her religiously,
At least she’s got two out of three.
That’s Madonna, since her split with Guy Ritchie.

If toy boys are all the rage and to die for.
Us old farts don’t have a hope.
We walk into a room, scratch and say,
“What am I here for?”

That’s not discussing the meaning of life.
It’s too deep; all we want is a loving wife.
We are bald, balding, beer bellies bulging.
Keeping fit, Oh! What strife.

Where one male fulfils the many.
Human species evolving to a point, where it’s not funny.
When women say Lover; do they mean fuck bunny?
Gone are the days when I could stay up till it got sunny.

Men might dread the words “do it again”.
They’d rather buy you a rabbit or anything else, for silly money.
Anything that hits the mysterious golden spot.
Somewhere to be found in the general area of the fanny.

If all else fails Viagra enhances.
Lover challenge!
Yes, it’s been licked.
Exponentially, increasing our chances.

What then of Companion, it can’t be that excruciating?
But women use words, rapier like and penetrating.
They are so agile, versatile, and fluid. Using words without hesitating.
Men are no match, on that fencing matting.
Ludicrously bumbling like a drunkards stance imitating.

Finally then we rise to the challenge, raring and ready to go.
Equipped on all fronts with tools galore.
Except, we can’t finish a job as quick as a pro.
Worse still, on the list “TO DO”, will be done some time on the morro.

Fine, ferocious, feline, female. We humbly accept we are just male.
To make amends. We’ll get that shoe! Only, when it’s in the sale.
And throw in a romantic stroll, thru the dale.
But skin to skin there is no comparison, everything else, pale.
We need you to need us, as you need the very air to inhale.

Poem by Winslie Gomez (C)



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