Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 18/04/2009

Warm-up Level 3 class with Marchant at Basingstoke. Thursday 16th April 2009.

Within 10 seconds, I was floating on air.

How can you describe something when it feels as though your entire existence was for just one purpose; to experience this tiny little turn. I must have had the biggest grin on my face. Gawd it felt good!

If you are familiar with the basic Cross Body Salsa step, it starts with forward and back 1-3 and 5,6 as normal, but on 7 you slide out to the right with the right foot, or as Marchant says it, Se-ve-nnn.

Then to continue;
On 1 bring the left foot behind the right and step on it,
2 step on the right foot and
3 take the left foot and slide to the left, repeating the slide pattern but on the left side.

He then added a hook turn as well and the warm-up was just pure magic.

I had been enjoying it so much that I never really paid any attention to the others in the class but later on in our social hour, when I talked about the warm-up to some of the other partners; they too had experienced something similar.

Marchant is not just a naturally gifted and talented dancer, an excellent instructor, an inspiration and standard to aim for. Above all, he challenges you to experience human potential and expression of music, through dance.

This post can hardly describe a sensation and you really need to be there. If you can’t travel to Basingstoke, UK, check out the various events that Marchant and Davina attend and if you are in some remote part of the global village you might just have to fork out some dosh and buy their DVD.

Here is the link to Alchemy Dance Company

Here is instructional footage


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