Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 23/05/2008

Stop Frowning. You’ll be stuck with it!

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How many times have you heard those pearls of wisdom. I had to learn that lesson and swallow a bitter pill.

Stop Frowning or you\'ll be stuck with it!
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Busy in my thoughts as I approached the waiting area to board the ferry, I noticed these two giggly teenagers munching crisps and the two empty seats nearby. So I plonked myself not paying anyone any particular attention but still deep in my thoughts, if I should hire a carpet shampooing machine or should I get rid of the carpet altogether and replace it with nice bamboo flooring as I had done in the bedrooms.

I boarded the ferry still with a myriad of random thoughts.

But the question I want to pose;
What do we project to others, as we go about our daily lives?

You see, as we we were getting off I was in the process of collecting my rucksack when I looked up and caught the eye of one of these giggly girls, who flashed a smile. Just a quick smile, there one millisecond and gone the next.

I did nothing. I thought! How wrong could I be, because, I must have been frowning, as the other girl said to her (the smiler)

“He must be gay”. They giggled some more and I was speechless.

Note to self:

Stop Frowning. You’ll be stuck with it! Smile, it costs nothing!



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