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Multiculturalism is not a soup “More like a Tossed Salad”.


Arnold Edinborough

Where each and every ethnicity is distinct, yet forms a colourful presentation; wholesome, diverse but full of integrity and dignity.
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Obama inspires as a bridge buider.

Muticultarism has almost, become a swear word for both sides of the divide.

Take KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Could the presence of American soldiers drive  indegenous Saudis towards fundamentalist Islam?

 How about Canada:

 “The current position of Canada’s cultural personality is a very argumentative topic. Is our country a melting pot or is it a tossed salad? “Canada has never been a melting pot, more like a tossed salad.” (Arnold Edinborough) Canadians are more subdued than those of other countries and choose not to show pride on their sleeve. As well, many of the older country immigrants have not adopted the Canadian way of life, and, along with numerous other Canadian immigrants prefer to keep their own identity. However, is this cause to classify us as a tossed salad and mould our country into a less integrated society? The United States have been categorized as “the great melting pot of humanity”, where individuals of all nations are invited to join the country to form “a more perfect nation”. In this “perfect nation” everyone is required to follow common community standards in an attempt to strengthen the country. However, individuals who become Canadian citizens are encouraged to maintain their cultural identities, complete with customs, languages, and traditions, causing Canada to often be referred to as a mosaic. “Canadians…linked to think of their country as a mosaic rather than melting pot.” (Kenneth McNaught) For example, in Nunuvat the primary language is Inuitituk with secondary services available to individuals in English. Enhancing, preserving, and sharing Canada’s multiple cultures is a subject that all Canadian citizens greatly value, and could be considered a reason as to why Canada is regarded as one of the most prominent countries in the world.” Source

Disturbing reflection: Is multiculturalism a tool of collectivism.

….Multiculturalists dismiss the significance of Western civilization by claiming that Western traditions of elitism, racism, and sexism are the cause of most of our current problems. They accept a Romantic view of human nature as beneficent and benign until it was corrupted by flawed Western ideology and culture.

Multiculturalism implies that race, ethnicity, and sex (or sexual preference) have an inescapable effect on the way people think and/or the values they hold or are capable of holding. There are many closed systems of perception, thought, and feeling each affiliated with some biologically defined group.


Several voices suggest that the Rev Wright falls into the victim-propagation-strategy.

…The victim mentality is both a cause and effect of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism promotes a culture of victims who have a perpetual claim on society and the government. The result is the division of society into political interest groups with conflicting demands that cannot all be met. Source

Conspiracy Theory: Is Jeremiah Wright Trying To Torpedo Obama’s Campaign?

Well, think about it.  What is Rev. Wright’s, and an entire generation of “civil rights” leaders’, bread and butter?  Conflict between minority Americans and majority (white) Americans.  The “us vs. them” mentality.  As long as minorities think they’re members of an oppressed victim class they’ll flock to people like Rev. Wright, and Wright profits

Pickled politics has a reasoned argument and as he says “head hurt” from a UK perspective. Please read the whole article to get the correct point of view, rather than my randomly selected quotes.

…This is what made Martin Luther King so compelling. He spoke of black people lifting themselves, not by denigrating white people but by speaking to both communities in a language whites and blacks could identify with. We have a modern Martin Luther King in the form of Barack Obama, but he’s being dragged down by the us versus them politics that has become so ingrained.

…Britain has its own Wright in the form of Dr Mohammad Naseem, chairman of Birmingham mosque, who infamously refused to believe 7/7 could have been the work of British Muslims and claimed the videotape by Mohammad Sidique Khan was doctored.

…It’s too easy to slice and dice quotes from Wright and Naseem and paint them as nutters without bothering to pay any attention to what they were saying. A modern media environment that thrives on sensationalism only makes this worse.

I like the passion in this closing sentence and grudgingly find myself in agreement with the sentiment, but not necessarily the terminology.

Wright should have kept his mouth shut but instead, as Michael Tomasky pointed out, he needs to re-affirm his righteous view that America is too racist to elect a black president. And there’s nothing more annoying than being a called a sellout/dhimmi/wet-liberal when you’re trying to build bridges.

I am multicultural from birth with experience and understandinmg of the dialectic



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