Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 24/04/2008

Tapping into the core of traditional prejudice? Surely not Hilary Clinton

Or is this lowering the bar in US politics. A view from across the pond certainly looks that way.

Vote for HOPE, not FEAR

Video on

Have we learned nothing from history?

Obamaweblog says

“It was the first time a Democratic candidate has used bin Laden in a campaign commercial in the 2008 race for the White House. The terrorist appears along with images from the stock market crash, the bombing at Pearl Harbor, the Soviet threat, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Hurricane Katrina as an announcer tells voters the political contest is for ‘the most important job in the world.'”

Using a tactic directly from the Republican play book, an ad from Hillary Clinton’s campaign uses fear in an attempt to scare the American people. It was an alarming trend when Republicans did it, but a Democrat using it against a fellow Dem spells trouble. One hopes that the average voter will not throw away logic when confronted with such an Orwellian message.

Clinton girl: “reject politics of fear”

Watch the video, please!

Who do you think, has what it takes? Is indeed an interesting question for the world and not just for America.

However, we of the rest-of- the-world, can only watch, as the horror unfolds.



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