Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 02/04/2008

Paxman Pants M&S for no support down under; Vindicated!

AN UNDIE-COVER investigation has found the pants Jeremy Paxman moaned about are really the best. HA HA! Very funny. 😆

 BBC: In January, it was reported that the Newsnight presenter wrote in an e-mail to M&S that its pants “no longer provide adequate support”.

The presenter – who also hosts University Challenge – said he had not intended the matter to have been made public.

Which? tested the M&S pants against cheaper George Trunks from Asda, at £1.75 a pair, and F&F from Tesco at £1.66.

Calvin Klein’s £20-a-pair Body Trunks were also tested and were rated last of the four after doing badly in tests for pilling, or bobbling.

Which? said the M&S trunks did not shrink too badly, but Calvin Klein’s shrank particularly in the leg. The gussets on Tesco and Asda brands shrank the most.

An M&S spokeswoman said: “We are very pleased with the findings. We do an awful lot of testing and always felt they measured up to scrutiny.” Source: BBC
Did M&S (Marks and Spencer) really have to take a whole page ad? Still got ants in the pants, probably!




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