Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 01/04/2008

Pat Condell; How do you respond, when he talks common sense?

in a comedian sort of way.

And for those who oppose Pat Condell, the stand-up comic.

A few pints, eases constipation.

Having said that, everyone has an axe to grind.

Give the guy credit! At least he stakes his claim, offers his opinion and is willing to stick his neck out. He admits he is an atheist!

Hey! It’s a free world. Let’s keep it that way! We need dialogue not dis-respect.

Isn’t that part of what made UK PLC, Great! Once upon a time?

Or have you forgotten!

I was told by friends, not to tangle with Pompey supporters because, they are the descendants of all those brave people who destroyed the Spanish armada and the sailors who served under Nelson, would have eaten the French.

He (Pat), is effective in addressing issues that the main political parties don’t want to address, but the general British public are muttering in their mushy peas and chips, or was it beer and pies.

It seems to me that fundamentalist Christians, jihadist Muslims and settlement-building Jews are causing more than their share of trouble in the world. World events are being driven by people with apocalyptic delusions, while here in Britain a paralysing liberal guilt allows religious bigots to use intimidation and violence to stamp out free speech. If you can’t get laughs out of all that, you can’t get them out of anything.’

Source: Timeout London

[I’]ve been criticising religion for years, but only in comedy clubs. Whenever I tried to do it in the mainstream media I was censored, especially by the BBC where jokes about the subject are always heavily edited, and it’s virtually impossible to say anything at all about Islam.

The internet allows all of us to bypass these self-appointed gatekeepers and communicate our ideas without interference.


I (the author) don’t have to agree with every word he utters, but even as a black Brit, one must accept that he has some valid points and justification.

The points he raises need to be discussed in a CALM ASSERTIVE manner, rather than the vitriolic language of hate.

Nor should we be so crushed under the immovable rock of PC (political correctness), to the detriment of of being able to express thoughts, questions and doubts.

It is the absence of dialogue, that results in the extremists being able to manipulate the minds of the citizenry.

Found this on commonsenseagainstislam and add, that I know nothing about the author. Watch the video or better still check our Pat Condell at his own site.

I am equally against stupid suggestions like ” Ban Islam“.



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