Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 31/03/2008

Tommy Sheridan Arrested.

“Tommy went from being a man of integrity to a man of a million lies.”

It can be bit depressing when someone you admired and inspired you to be involved in politics is arrested for, of all things; Perjury.

Here was a man who exposed the lies of the establishment, yet he has fallen.

Some speak of conspiracy by right-wing media. Others point to an overdeveloped ego:

[M]r McNeilage told the BBC’s Politics Show the tape was made on a camcorder in his home in November 2004.

Mr Sheridan insists the tape is a fake.

His former friend is adamant that it is real, saying: “This is a 40 minute tape with a fluent conversation where I break into his speech, where he breaks into my speech and there’s no way it could be doctored up.”

He added: “Tommy went from being a man of integrity to a man of a million lies.”

I am just, sad .

Video thanks to Adycousin’s

Tommy Sheridan and his wife appeared in court yesterday (27th March 2008) charged with lying under oath at the socialist politician’s libel trial against the News of the World. Mr Sheridan, 43, and his wife, Gail, 44, were greeted by cheering supporters outside Edinburgh Sheriff Court, where they appeared separately and in private. Neither made any plea or declaration and they were both released on bail. Timesonline



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