Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 26/03/2008

Scarlett Keeling Death

The latest video from ITN ( you will have to put up with their advertising)

This video is to remind viewers that when cultures clash, the outcome may not be the desired result.  The arguments of cultural integration, assimilation or tourist apartheid are for you to decide.

Thanks to cosmopat



  1. i have been partying in Goa since 1985. thru the eighties and nineties the goans embraced it as they made plenty of money and from my conversations with them, they actually enjoyed them! how many times walking home u were shouted at “nice party?” they were confined to mainly anjuna and vagator. my children went as did many others.
    but then it all started to turn sour when the Israelis showed up then the Russian mafia, and an extremely corrupt police force, which had been in place for a long time. the only music they were dancing to then was BIG BUCKS! now they REALLY enjoyed the party!!
    no, i am not “a druggy”. i am now a middle aged businesswomen with two very well balanced chidren (adults now), mainly because they spent most of their childhood and teens in Goa, but now the Goans must stop blaming us foreigners and look at themselves and how they are bringing up their own boys. when goan boys rape and murder, and think it can be covered up and get away with it, how dreadful is that? that means that none of us are safe there. there was no clash for many, many years. i for one will not be returning, very sad affair this

  2. Michelle
    Thank you for your comment.

    As they say fair exchange is no robbery. But at what point does exploitation of the landscape for huge profits become acceptable.

    I don’t mean to be rude to you, because in a sense you might as well be sat on the settee next to me and you have supported the Goan economy.

    What do you know of Goa for all those visits? Is that a crude question?

    My opinion is, we take what we want without a real understanding of the needs of the locals. OK we might not have the time but we’ve done the same in Spain, Greece ..

    Is that how we should be?

    Now it’s the turn of the Russians and Israelis.

  3. Winslie Gomez I agree with you!
    Goans are displaced and disenfranchised. The kumbis live in the forest and there is precious little forest for them to continue living there as it has been cleared for hotels and apartments that few Goans own. The wildlife has suffered too. Goans have very little money and yet are paying high rents in relation to their low earnings. The whole of India (including Tibetans) descend on Goa from September – May. Afterwards there is little earning power for Goans. Heavy rains take their toll on life and property too. There is a total disregard for Indian life style and culture. When in Rome has no bearing in Goa it seems. Having brought friends from Andrha Pradesh to Goa for a vacation they likened it to Sodom and Gomorrah. We are safe in Goa – but are Goans safe from us Westerners one has to ask oneself. Goa needs support at this time, let us just hope that some good will come out of this tragic young girls murder.

  4. blame it all on women.
    that’s just how we indian men roll.
    sad but true.

  5. […] case of Scarlett Keeling and her tragic death has exposed the grim truth about life-after-sunset, on the once idyllic […]

  6. I know she left her daughter with a tour guide, but is it really THAT much differant then leaving you toddler alone in a unlocked hotel room (despite the fact you where offered a baby sitter) while you have a meal across the other side of the busy building?

    I am of coarse refering to Kate McCann, both woman have lost daughters and yet we treat on like dirt?

  7. I couldn’t think you are more right..

  8. Some educational piece of writing…

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