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Retention Conflict Forces Recruitment

Does any life have worth? If so, what is that life worth?

The results range from just under 100,000 dead (civilians) to well over a million.

“We don’t do body counts” might be a good enough reason to distance the reality from the hype. But whilst the general public get disgruntled, the Army, Navy, and Air Force need to continue recruiting or they will face a depletion of personnel. In the meantime according to IBC (Iraq Body Count) keeps rising.

Do these numbers matter and is it pertinent to question the differentiating between services and civilian life.

Please recall that the evil dictator the western coalition needed to topple;”Saddam Hussein and his regime killed one million people over a 35-year period”

Guardian puts it as

(100,000 Kurds in the Anfal campaign in the 1980s; 400,000 in the war against Iran; 100,000 Shias in the suppressed uprising of 1991; and an unknown number executed in his prisons and torture chambers). Averaged over his time in power, the annual rate does not exceed 29,000.

An independent UK-based research group, calling itself the Iraq Body Count (IBC), collates all fatality reports in the media where there are two or more sources as well as figures from hospitals and other official sources. At least four household surveys have been done asking Iraqis to list the family members they have lost. The results have then been extrapolated to Iraq’s total population to give a nationwide estimate.

The results range from just under 100,000 dead to well over a million according to the report by Guardian.

RETENTION on the other had seems to be a real problem for the armed services.

14,000 people had left the army in the past year, meaning it had actually shrunk by 1,500.

“With ever increasing commitments and a shrinking army, the effects of overstretch are just going to get worse.”

Nick Harvey, for the Liberal Democrats, said “the painful reality” was that there were fewer army personnel than at any time since the conflict in Iraq in 2003.

The government needs to explain how the army is to cope with the challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan with its forces so overstretched.

Reported in BBC

RECRUITMENT of course is one solution.

The army yesterday launched a £2m recruitment drive as polls showed that British soldiers were much more popular than the wars they are fighting.

The campaign drew immediate criticism, launched days before the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and at a time when the activities of the armed forces are coming under unusual scrutiny.

Brigadier Andrew Jackson, the army’s chief recruiter, said that on present figures there was likely to be a 10% shortfall in troops. Military chiefs have said they are concerned more about the difficulties in retaining trained soldiers than in attracting raw recruits.

THE CONFLICT it appears, grows in the UK

Members of the National Union of Teachers believe schools should not be “conduits” for Ministry of Defence “propaganda”.

Delegates at the NUT’s annual conference in Manchester will warn that “schools are being asked to play a partisan role in war” and should have no part in recruiting troops.

A motion to be debated at the conference calls for “the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq”.

It continues: “Teachers and schools should not be conduits for either the dissemination of MoD propaganda or the recruitment of military personnel.

“Conference therefore agrees to actively oppose military recruitment activities in schools across England and Wales.”

The union’s ruling executive does not support the call to oppose armed forces recruitment activities in schools and will put forward an amendment that would see this clause removed.

But the NUT leadership is concerned that some lesson materials prepared with MoD backing undermine the legal duty of schools to present controversial issues to children in a balanced way.

NUT general secretary Steve Sinnott wrote to Schools Secretary Ed Balls to complain about a lesson plan intended to help pupils learn the skill of “writing to argue”.

The plan focuses on the topic of “the ongoing occupation of Iraq by British armed forces”. Mr Sinnott said…..

So Says the news at Tiscali

While on the other side of the pond in USA we learn of the Berkeley’s Marine Corps Recruiting Center Controversy

and on On Youtube. Credit to bottomlineupfront. Thank you.

Does any life have worth? If so, what is that life worth?


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