Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 25/03/2008

Hilary under fire in Bosnia?

You have to see this.

Can you believe that someone in the media spotlight would tell an outright lie or is it mis-remember? So what happened to the advisers, were they just missing-in-active?

Keep that in perspective, when the current death toll of US soldiers reaches 4,000 and Iraqi civilians exceeds 1 Million.

Will this prospective president tell the truth? I missed a spoke when fixing my bike as a kid!
Draw your own conclusions!

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Update: Sleep deprived excuse



  1. Auch Winslie, did you puncture your eye ?

    I think Hillary is doing what she can to catch up with Obama, and lying appears to be allowed practice under such circumstances. You shouldn’t be too surprised… I agree, not a nice showing. But no president will ever tell the truth, so let’s say she’s just practicing 😉


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