Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 22/03/2008

Goa Hope?

Scarlett’s death and Fiona Mckeown brought Goa to the front pages of the UK media. Plus the Indian readership reacting to each side of the same coin of either hating and blaming Fiona or taking this as the opportunity to pounce on the authorities for all that ails Goa.

Is the average reader meant to accept these simple papering-over-chasm explanations?

Perhaps this might be the opportunity to clean-up the litter. But then with drugs, rape, murder together with words like Mafia and Police corruption in the forefront of everyones mind what exactly is a place like GOA meant to do.

Background reading

Ian Jackson of the Guardian has a good article tracing a brief history titled “:

The land where the hippy trail reaches a historic impasse

Adventurous travellers have found many things in Goa. Innocent escape was never one of them

[G]oa was merely the oldest, a small enclave in India taken from its Muslim rulers by the Portuguese in 1510. The conquerors’ religious zeal and skin-blind sexual desire meant many Goans were Catholic and of mixed race, but this hardly recommended them to either the rulers or the ruled in British India. All the qualities that were later distorted and exaggerated to make Goa “the world’s number one party destination”

Will Goa be tarnished? Hardly!

They arrive in Goa like white chicken and leave golden-brown. They pass a lovely week eating, drinking and sunbathing, and all for less than five pounds a day. Goa may be one of the most expensive spots in India, but for the foreign tourist it is still luxury on the cheap.

Time of India

2 Million tourist per annum visit Goa

Goa is a low cost holiday destination for the average Brit but particularly attractive to the new age traveller, than any of the coastal resorts of Greece or Spain.

It is immediately obvious why Fiona Mackeown would feel at home, as a “pursuer of the self-sufficiency lifestyle” or The Good Life, as it has come to be called after the television series in the late 70’s.

New Dawn?

This may be the huge and rather stiff door of post colonialism slowly, reluctantly, creaking open and for a ray of light to enter.


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