Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 20/03/2008

Mohamed Al Fayed, Owner of Harrods in London

Is either completely bonkers or very astute.


Fayed seeks judicial review in Diana inquest.

Mohamed Al Fayed will today seek permission for a judicial review to force Prince Philip to give evidence into the deaths of his son, Dodi, and of Diana, Princess of Wales.

He also wants the Queen to be asked questions arising from the evidence, although he does not want her to appear in person.

Fayed has accused Philip of being “a Nazi”. He has alleged that Dodi and Diana were murdered in a conspiracy initiated by the royal family, authorised by Tony Blair and executed by the security services and photographers. As reported in the Guardian

Img credit to Shaun Peter Curry



  1. This has dragged on long enough with the case, there has been one already which showed that the government had nothing to do with the deaths of either Diana or Dodi however Mr Al Fayed is persistent in showing that secruity services had something to do do with the deaths. I think that to trail through all the photos of the deaths again is just horrific for Princes William and Harry, who have to watch their mothers reputation be tarnished.

    I think however, that the business with the Butler Paul Burrel is riduclous!! How he can stand in court and lie then brag about it to people in America is just beyond me, i thought that British Law stated that him lying is against the law? So why has he not been brought by to answer the Cornoner in this matter… its most probably because he is scared that he will go to prison for the lies he told at the court in front of the world, and this is shown as he wont even come out of his home in America since the Sun newspaper did a story on his crime.

    In conclusion i think that the £7m which is the amount the case is costing atm is outrageous, i understand millions of people including Mr Al Fayed would like to know once and for all what happened on that tragic day; but i think that £7m could be better spent on more important things…

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