Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 15/03/2008

People dancing in Goa

If that is what dancing is meant to be, no wonder these people need drugs. Perhaps making it legal is the answer.

Enjoy the sunset.

Thanks for the video to:






  1. Goa beaches, a proud paradise on this earth.
    Humanity Needs:
    More Hugs, Less Drugs,
    More Silence, Less Violence,
    More Roses, Less Guns,
    We need LOVE and Freesom, but WISDOM too!

  2. Sulochanosho
    Thank you for those kind words.
    I take it, you’ve been there!

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  4. […] attempts to answer what draws Western tourists to Goa and gives a glimpse of the seedier side of GOA. The place is commercialism overlaid with more commercialism, with each trinket and jewellery […]

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