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Pragmatic Parent, Pompous Pratt or Prophetic Purifier

In the centre of a horrific death of a teenager Scarlett Keeling (15yrs) from Devon UK, found semi-naked, raped and ravaged on a beach in Goa, India the hippie paradise of the 60’s. Here stands the mother; Mrs Fiona McKeown answering to the criticisms being thrown at her.

She has managed to challenge the establishment to admit that there may be some Indian rope-trick or smokescreen which is now brought out into the international glare of public domain.

Scarlett Keeling the 15 year old
In a bar, “Lui’s Shack” in sleepy Anjuna beach between 0200 -0400 Hrs (approx) high on cocaine, drinking and being supplied with ecstasy by a local dealer.


The half-clad body of Scarlett was found on Goa’s popular Anjuna beach on February 18. Police have arrested two persons, Carvalho and Samson D’souza, both of whom have allegedly confessed to raping the 15-year-old few hours before she was found dead on the beach, he said, adding that Carvalho has been booked on murder charge.

“A prime suspect Placido Carvalho, who was arrested last night, has confirmed that he gave her drugs, raped her and left her on the beach. As the girl remained unconscious, she died during the high tide,” a senior police officer and in-charge of the investigations told PTI on Thursday morning.
Claiming to have cracked the case of murder of British teenager Scarlette Eden Keeling, the Goa police on Thursday said the 15-year-old died due to “drug overdose and drowning” after a man allegedly gave her narcotics, raped her and left her on the beach.

Hindustan Times

The Mother Mrs Fiona McKeown
The 43-year-old the mother of nine children, from Bideford, Devon who once had a stall in Camden Market.

Courtesy of RudriaRia. Thank you

The Daily Mail gives us a glimpse of the lifestyle Mrs Mckeown and her family lived, no wonder they felt at home in India.

You have to see the images to believe it.

Fiona MacKeown, the mother of Scarlett Keeling, the 15-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in Goa, seems less like a grieving mother than an avenging tigress.

With her swishing curtain of grey hair, Fiona is taking on a corrupt local police force which initially denied that her cub had been the victim of foul play.

“If police had taken more interest in previous [suspicious] deaths, then Scarlett might not be dead now,” growled Fiona.

Maybe so. But isn’t there an even better chance that Scarlett would still be alive if her own mother had not abandoned her for several weeks after an argument and recklessly continued her own holiday?

Instead the blonde teenager, as tempting as a ripe peach, was left in the care of a 25-year-old tour guide – a local man she’d only recently met. (emphasis added)

Reports AllisonPearson of the Daily Mail

Goa the idyllic landscape or a den of iniquity

“Should young girls be allowed to move around alone on a beach at night?” Naik had wondered, even as he blamed the media for “blowing up” the case.

The issue arose from a question posed by Prema Cariappa (Congress) and Sushma Swaraj (Bharatiya Janata Party) on the steps the government had taken to prevent rising crimes against foreign tourists.

Former Maharashtra governor PC Alexander (Independent) said this was not enough.

“This may not result in the right solution. A taskforce is not the same as a police force. If the issue is to be tackled effectively, we need a police force,” he said.

“It is not just a law and order problem. Tourism is of utmost importance to the nation as our prestige is involved. I want an assurance that what will be created is a police taskforce and not one of ex-servicemen,” Alexander added.

HT once again reports

There are a lot of issues here that need to be explored and everyone will have to face up to some harsh truths. TBC



  1. I don’t think it is in our place to judge Fiona. If only the world stopped judging so much and playing God, we would realize the complexities of being a human being!

    She made her mistake, she probably will fight that demon for the rest of her life. But certainly does not mean she is a bad mother or she must be crucified for her alternative living approach or parenting style! What is imperative is that the culprits are brought to task…

    Fiona might have unconsciously played to that fateful night, but she certainly did not orchestrate the events or conduct the beastly act! Give her some credit for fighting knowing fully well she is going to be under the scanner minutely!
    I hope she finds some peace and closure…

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  3. Amhsirakrian
    I accept the point in your comment. ” does not mean she is a bad mother or she must be crucified for her alternative living approach or parenting style!”

    and wholeheartedly support that the culprits must be caught as they are a menace to society.

    However when people who live on state handouts i.e. Child Benefit are living the life of luxury!
    (Fiona McKeown with 9 children was receiving approx £5,974.80 = 488,137.00 INRuprees Per Annum
    (assuming exchange rate at £1= 81.70 INR))

    That’s when it becomes questionable and I suppose is a UK perspective.

  4. Amhsirakrian
    Your article “point-m-for-murder”is well written and you are looking for the balance that is much needed in society.

    Allison brings a view just as other journalists have their own slant on Fiona as an individual/woman/parent/promiscuity/drugs/lifestyle both here in the UK and abroad.

    This tragic case has thrown open a Pandora’s box of issues that do need to be discussed because we are quick to cover up the unsavoury.

    In view of your comment and to maintain objectivity of this horrible crime, the Sky news video has been posted.

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  6. […] is the quiet confidence that has rattled the authorities and although some quarters have tried to tarnish her character, or question her ability as a parent, including myself. One has to admire this woman who has had […]

  7. a crime is a crime,,,rape and murder is a crime,,,,
    it is not a CRIME TO BE A MOTHER!!!!!!

    and all will be good!!

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