Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 05/03/2008

Dehumanizing made easy.

A poem by Winslie Gomez




So easy to portray another, a little less than you

A little-more less than you,

A lot-more less than you.

So different and nothing, remotely like you.

A lower species not just deformed, disfigured, scarred or scorched.

Totally another, not even human a creature to be scolded, spurned.

a sub, ape like, uncivilized, under-developed.

A scab, a blister, fit to be burnt.

Will it, has it, ever learnt?

The good God came to your rescue and gave you IT for your use.

Be fruitful and multiply, breed your stock of it, let it’s offspring ensue

Mate it with the best stock for the good God endowed

You with the divine knowledge of how to.

If it had known, it would have done it too!

Deny it heritage, history, whole way of life.

Pluck it from it’s home like fruit. Transport it. store it, peel it pulp it.

do anything you want with it.

Gracious God has blessed you

You can have it’s spices, land, gems, mines, minerals or more.

You are not uncaring of course, for your God is good,

You know how to be good.

You will clothe it, teach it, to repeat after you,

Sing the glories of the most high in hymns of praise,

in strange tongue, strange meter, strange rhymes, strange rhythm.

Quote scripture even and understand sin

Though it has no bloody chance of getting to heaven

For it is after all – an it.



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