Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 15/02/2008

Writing-Style: Something you’re born with?

My Sun

Photo Copyright:WXG Rising Sun Solent.

So assuring that each writer has a diffent way of expression. There are only 26 alphabets in the English language yet the words that are weaved, sparkle with the kaleidoscope of life.

Some have a gift to shine a beam of light right into the heart of the matter, in a fun kinda way.

A Psych Tech’s Blog – Inside the Snakepit

offers me great pleasure and a glimpse into US politics with a better appraisal of the Barack Obama campaign.



  1. It’s like a fingerprint. I’m a teacher so I need to know my students’ writing styles. Helps detect plagiarism. They know they can’t get away with it now!

  2. Well, thanks for the vote of confidence! Speaking for myself, my style has been carefully honed over decades of disciplined writing.
    Just kidding. Seriously, though, thanks
    Paulie11 from inside the Snakepit

  3. Thanks Nabiha.
    Expression like a fingerprint. Wow!
    A breadcrumb trail of personality.

  4. Paulie11
    Your article amused me. To even get a creased smile is a gift, but to bring humour into the US political situation is a brilliant gift indeed.
    Do you hiss sometimes?

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