Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 14/02/2008

My Valentine Wobbly Words


If words were all it took, to say how I feel.

I LOVE YOU, with a loving look

would do, to show it’s real.

But actions speak louder than words.

Roses, perfume, gifts galore.

Sold by zillions across the world to herds

Just to prove you still have that allure.

It’s too easy, almost cheap cheat

Some countries even boycott the heat.

Is one day enough, a week, a fortnight or more?

To show the one I adore – so why am I a bore?

Lost the lure. Need a cure – for sure

To grow, mature, make you feel secure, pure and demure.

Love is an eternal gift to find, treasure, ensure.

Never obscure.

Happy Valentines Day

Photo: Thanks to WisDoc



  1. Winslie, never thought you would write about Valentine’s Day…;-) True, love should never just be dedicated to only for a day, but then again, tell me, how many out there who profess their love to the his/her other significant every day? Passionately, mind you, not some mindless “love ya” kind.

  2. Hi Hanie
    Happy Valentine Day to you!
    Just felt inspired to write, when I woke up.
    You’re right!
    Life catches up and then we take each other for granted.
    And, why would I not write about Valentine?

  3. And Hanie
    I was a bit lazy too!
    I was running out of words just as time was running away and thus a heavy leaning on the Thesaurus.

  4. yes, love is not celebrated enough throughout the year.

  5. Dating Diary
    We need a lot more love in this world.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  6. The quality of your prose is almost lyrical.
    Lovely 🙂

  7. Samar
    Thanks for dropping in!
    Appreciate the kind words.

  8. Winslie, thats because I have never felt the “romantic” vibes in your posts so far! lol…well, now I know.

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