Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 08/10/2007

Reduced Sticker Bargain Hunter

Written by McGomez. The Penny pinching auld fart fae Aberdeen.

Top Tips: Hunt the reduced price ticket.

” Cook whatever you buy, on the same day. The “sell by” date is a guide for the supermarket to ensure they don’t sell you anything that might make you ill. ”

Since the ‘Sell by‘ date is just a guide to shop staff, it isn’t against the law to sell a food after it. However, shops mustn’t sell foods that have passed their ‘Use by’ date. And you shouldn’t eat foods after their ‘Use by’ date because they might not be safe to eat. ‘Use by’ dates are used on foods that go off quickly, such as milk, soft cheese, ready-prepared meals and smoked fish.”

” Learn to marinate. (Preserves fresh ingredients because the acids in vinegar/lemon juice acts as a tenderizer, adds flavour through the spices oils make it healthy and juicy). Once you get to grips, it becomes amazingly easy. Saves a heap of time!
The secret is to organise your meal by what is on the reduced counter rather than going out to buy specific items.

Imagine you are in the wilds of the aisles, the hunter gatherer looking for today’s find. Hunting in a pack will reduce the effort and the time required, so get your friends involved. It also ensures you don’t have leftovers once the meal is cooked. Please don’t accumulate half a meal in the fridge you will not be popular with others sharing the house.

Scan the vegetable display for the reduced sticker, as you stroll over to that section, normally found at an end of the aisle and advertised with bold eye catching colours. Each supermarket piles up their reduced stock at a particular time depending on their shift Rota. Each has their own system that you will get to know in your area and become familiar. Don’t be frightened to ask when they are likely to start reducing their produce. As a general rule, Mon – Wed are best or late Saturday and Sunday.

Be selective; watch out for blemished or dried and wilting stock. If it’s in a sealed wrap, tilt the packing to make sure there is no liquid gathering or lurking at the bottom.



  1. In my local supermarket they do three reductions per day: 9am, 2pm and 7pm for their produce with sell by dates that day. Depending the member of staff (generally older ones) they might take more off of it for you. It happened with spinach not too long ago. It was reduced to 69p from £1.37 but he offered to reduce it again and it fell to 35p. Hope this helps.
    Contridicts the article a little bit but I have found that most produce will still be okay for upto a week after the “Use by” date but always check first if you use it later than the “Use by.”

  2. David
    Thanks for the comment. Always wiling to be corrected. Trying to stick to the gov’t guidelines. I love spinach, makes brilliant no-fuss soup.

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