Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 03/09/2007

English History – Tintagel Castle

View thru CastleIn 1139 Geoffrey de Monmouth published his ‘History of Britain’ and claimed that Tintagel was the birthplace of King Arthur.  Although there may have been the remains of the community established by St Juliot in the 6th century, when Reginald, Earl of Cornwall built his stronghold here in 1145 there was no record of Arthur’s castle.  Reginald, the illegitimate son of Henry I, was responsible for the Great Hall and Chapel.  In the middle of the 13th century further buildings were added by Earl Richard, the younger brother of Henry III.  The main part of the castle dates from his tenure. 

In the 14th century, with other Cornish castles, it was passed into the ownership of the Black Prince.  He carried out some restoration but after his death the castle fell into decline.  It was used as a prison at the end of the 14th century but was never used again as a fortress. 

Today it forms part of the Duchy of Cornwall. Coastal erosion has resulted in the castle being part the mainland and part on a peninsula. 

The narrow causeway that connected the castle to the mainland in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s time has been washed away and access to the castle is now by two steep stairways. 


I am quite disappointed with the image on the English Heritage site.



  1. Tintagel is just great.. highly recommended for any visitors to that corner of the UK.

  2. Thanks Paul,
    I spent ten days near Port Isaac.
    What a brilliant experience, especially the fresh seafood.
    The scenery is just so stunning and fortunately the weather was lovely and warm, not a cloud in sight for six out of the ten days and even when the clouds did start bunching up, it only rained at night.

    Here is another article to tease your opinion Paul, if I may! Thank you for your comment.

  3. Paul
    One other thing, the reason for the article was because I felt that Cornwall was undersold and was specifically trying to get English Heritage to get their cameras out and do justice to the place.
    Maybe, it was because I decided to take a family subscription at £69 p.a. which is good value if you visit at least four places in the year.

  4. I can’t wait to visit UK ^^

  5. Nizar

    Have a look at this if you have sweet tooth
    article I wrote after my holiday in Cornwall.
    Thanks for dropping by

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