Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 24/08/2007

Men and Prostitutes


Thanks to

I have started this post mainly because of an event that made me stop and comment.

Sometimes as you are peacefully minding your own businees walking along lost in  your own little bubble of a world Ouch! you stub you big toe, twist your ankle on a curbstone incorrctly laid.  But yet as you lay on the ground groaning, you find a twenty pond note £20  (40USD approx).  All of a sudden, you don’t consider it a misfortune anymore.

Well! Some thing like that happened when I came across this title “Why men suck”.  I was under the impression they licked.  

On a more serious level, Clare has a very interesting article on Prostitution which is going to be a Five part series.  Please don’t be bashful and take a look for yourself.

Yes! That’s prostitution.

The people on the other side of the water (Atlantic) say Whore or something derogatory,


Men say they visit prostitutes for many reasons including; the variety of bodies and styles of lovemaking, companionship, to get back at their wives who’ve had an affair, it’s cheaper than dating a woman that doesn’t even guarantee you sex at the end of the evening or to fulfill their fantasies of wanting to be treated as babies or sleep with schoolgirls.

Please leave a comment on Clare’s blog as this is an important issue and should be considered by society at large.

 Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this wee intro.

Gosh that girl is fast! here is Part 2



  1. We say prostitute on this side of the pond too, although there are a whole host of euphemisms and other words used.

    Sounds like an interesting series. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Thanks for the plug; also hilarious intro. Its nice to know that while like something you stub your toe on, I am also like 40 dollars. Nice. 🙂

    As for the series, I plan to post the next installment each morning. Yikes. Let’s see if that happens.


  3. Thanks Robin
    I am actually heading off for a ten day holiday and scribbled together a few lines just to create greater awareness.

    Your input is most welcome as well as deciphering euphemisms.

    The subject that Clare is tackling is a global one, and she needs the media to take a look at what is being discussed.
    Catch up with you when I’m back so chilled that I will be able to withstand all forms of criticism. Just kidding!
    see you!

  4. Clare,
    I could never keep up with you and I’m sure there is no monetary term to describe your worth, your cause has greater significance than any or all of our personalities.

    I do wish you all the very best and will do my best to get your post noticed.

    The only caution I would add is don’t become emotionally attached to the project, just keep your professional distance. It would be very easy to be blinkered by the immediate need that you may just lose the audience, when you need them the most.

    That was one of the reasons for some humour. Thanks and glad to be appreciated.

  5. I conducted a volunteer program with the Circuit Cout of Cook County, Illinois for five years.

    It was in conjunction with a far seaching judge, by the name of Thaddeus Kowalski.

    One of the problems of dealing with the topic of prostitition is that people tend to de-humanize them – so they are not connected to us on a human level.

    I invite you to look over their backgrounds and the program we develeloped here – This is the first part of 2. I think it will help you in dealing with this subject – which is not about “sex-workers, ” – but “survival workers.”

  6. Interesting issue Winslie. Italy, that good catholic country, where I live, is choc-a-bloc full of prostitutes. Some ploy their wares not too far from my house, which is very close to central Milan. The openness of it all shocked me at first. I have not met any men who have admitted to going with prostitutes, but I have seen some expensive cars pull over and then leave with a lady.

    As to why men visit prostitutes, rightly or wrongly, I think part of the reason is that men generally want sex, any time, any place and anywhere. Whereas women, in general, do not. Prostitutes exploit this male weakness, and I’m willing to bet that while there are men, there will be prostitutes.

    Personally, I do not object to women exploiting men in this way, but I do feel sorry for the women that do this ‘work’, especially those who have been forced into it. Some women seem to be able to live with this kind of work, although I not too sure how, but if they can, then good for them. In some ways they are providing a useful service and may even help reduce sexual related crime.

    A woman I knew once said that she believed that men had a psychological need for sex, and while I’m not sure about this, I don’t disagree entirely. And it goes some way towards explaining why the ‘market’ is still flourishing.

  7. What a nice guy, so i have linked him here.
    He is experimenting with sex words so help him out as he may run out of sex related words.

    Thanks Delarius.

  8. Alex
    I Never said Thanks!
    I remember walking out of the docks at Gaetta and being completely astounded.
    Thank you Alex for commenting all the way from Italy.
    Oh, had a quick shuftie at your site and liked it, some discipline writing everyday. Wow!

    If I might ask another little favour. I am intending to cover the subject of prostitution from a male perspective in

    I feel there is a lot of male hypocracy regarding this subject.

  9. Oops Alex
    That should be hypocrisy
    Typo’s urgh

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