Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 25/07/2007

Bio’s: A Social Categorizing?

Winslie Xavier Anthony Gomez born in March, well over half a century old, is mixed blood and traces his ancestral line through two families namely Xavier and Gomez that every male has carried as descendants of a sea-faring people.  He joined the merchant navy at 17 but turned land lubber at 24.   

He has a keen sense for culinary delights, loves cooking a whole variety of cuisines accompanied by fine wines, conversation and even a controversial debate. 

He was born a Catholic, became a “born-again” believer at 24 and graduated from Lebanon Missionary Bible College in 1987 and then rejected Protestantism.  In his final year, he studied Islam but could not accept it either because he is drawn to seek solutions from the Ethnology of humankind, currently in the South of England (UK) and involved in research. 

He prefers the concept of world citizenship and has a passion to see justice, unity and harmony.  His home of choice is Scotland as the rugged landscape speaks volumes and the North Sea breeze, just exhilarating.   His other interests are rugby, screaming guitars and restoring classic cars.

 But at the same time he could be/might just be,  a complete nutter!

So I was amazed to see this question. WHO ARE YOU?

Bio’s: A Social Categorizing.

Why do we need categorizing?Is it because we live busy lives and we need a quick guide to social networking?Why the desire for compartmentalising every little segment of our existence, until our personal identity is so lost, we need a job title to say who we are?Please visit and answer the question David Boles asks: Who Are You?



  1. Love the topic, Winslie! 😀

  2. Mr Boles
    What an honour!
    Glad you approve.
    Your article asks valid questions and it will be interesting to see the comments we both receive.

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