Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 12/06/2007

Betwixt Awful and Abysmal

A Bitch and Moan at Restaurants


Thanks to Ichimusai for the image.

Yesterday, more through necessity than anything else, we needed to be fed as it was 8pm and the tummy was rumbling.

Here we were, at the water-front on a calm summer evening a cool breeze coming in from the sea and nothing else to spoil the tranquillity, except my tummy that is.

 So we wandered around looking at the various menus of Spanish and Italian, Chinese buffet, Burger bar and finally opted for an Indian restaurant (Name and shame should be my prerogative) but lets just say I am feeling a little bit gracious.

My son pointed out that the front page of the menu had “10% added as service charge”.  He knew of course and that should have been a warning, as it gets my goat every time. 

Am I just unlucky or is there some kind of Sod’s Law at work that says –

If you see an added on service charge then the food is shite, load of crap and bloody awful.

Note to myself: Remember this you twit!

Well my experience in this one was just betwixt awful and abysmal.

The staff were all from Bangladesh, so why was it called Indian, OK! I’m just pissed off especially, as I had a beautiful roast lamb sitting at home and only went in there because “my tummy was rumbling”.  How many times do I have to say that!  Bangladesh is part of the Indian subcontinent I suppose.

The portions were miniscule, the tandoori chicken might as well have been a pigeon and it tasted like it had been marinating since last Easter. The Aloo-Palak (potato and spinach) reeked with salt and I had the tiniest of Naan bread if it was ever possible.  I guess it being the seaside and skimpy clothing they were going skimpy as well.  But we came out of there bloated so if they give out skimpy portions and your stomach is bloated what the F*** was going on.

Pass me that boiled egg and dry toast please!

 Never again will I be setting foot in that plush hovel.  YUK!


  1. Yes, very good. The post that is. My worse ever restaurant was a Sardinian Italian restaurant that seemed to be run by morons. Walking out before the bread has arrived is okay as long as there’s somewhere better round the corner.

  2. Thanks IanDSmith.

    Appreciate the comment.
    Just letting off steam

  3. If you need to pay your friends to hang out with you, they’re not really your friends.

    Similarly, if you need to ask for a small service charge, it’s not really a tip.

    You’re right: that’s really needy and sad. They’re almost admitting they know you won’t tip voluntarily.

  4. Methinks I’ve been listening to Boles too long. I read. I absorb. As much as he begs for opinion, it seems his only job is to put his readers down. Unless, of course, (you) agree, kiss-kiss, so to speak.

    This is a college “instructor” – not a doctor, who lost his job. Read his credentials, he is not a professor, although, he says he is. Follow his links.

  5. Urbyurbal
    Thanks for that info. I must admit I am new to this environment and have not checked out Mr Boles as such. I found the site interesting when I first started commenting way back in Feb 2007 and as my readership is in single figures, I joined inorder to learn the art of communicating to a wider and diverse readership. I have found his advice plus guidnace both accurate and beneficial. So cannot complain from that perspective. Where else will I get that opportunity free of charge?

    Not so sure about the “Agree, kiss-kiss” I feel he is willing to be challenged as long as it is not vitriolic, unless I too am on his wavelength and am in agreement without realising it.

    As for credentials, does it really matter? Do you feel it’s important?

    I’ am all ears, for your input!
    Cheers and thanks for being honest with your appraisal, it takes courage to speak your mind, as you have done.

  6. D. Peace
    Too right (know you are not going to tip).

    The other thing that occured to me is that, if you have drinking a bit, as one is sometimes inclined to do, then it is likely that you will not notice service charge of 15% has already been added on. Cheeky sod’s are on to a good con!

    A tip should the customers appreciation of the food, service and ambience. We can heat up crap in a microwave any time.

    Wonder what Mr Ramsay would have to say. probably a few choice “F’s”

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