Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 04/06/2007

Actor or Activator

    Bloggers and Visitors

What do they have in common: Do they pretend to be something they are not or are they genuine in activating a thought, a concept or even willing to be challenged and transformed?

Actors are easy to recognize because they are so busy pretending of how they want the world to percieve them, that somehow they fluff their lines, lose the plot and give-out dis-jointed signals.

Simple example will be, something, like the amount of “I” or even the royal “We” in the body of the text.

Mind you, there is a place for the Diary Blogger who wants the world to participate but not interact. It’s almost a bit, like a silent comment or “listen to me, but don’t speak “We accept them because they may have something interesting, arresting or just plain trivial, jolly and as a bit of amusement.

Perhaps it satisfies our voyeuristic tendencies. Who knows! not me certainly. If it was so easy, would have been a psychologist! Instead of typing out on a blogsite.

Activators fall into several categories, from the blatant, bizarre, I am fuckin right and everyone is a moron type inbred, who shouts at the top of capitalised, bold text – to the gentle persuader who ask your opinion and is willing to accept your thoughts and even if disagrees, has the decency to do it compassionately.

One I am drawn to and please don’t ask me why cause “If it was so easy, would have been a psychologist!  Instead of typing out on a blogsite.

Well! Have a little think and see what you are?

Better still, do me a favour and tell me what you think I might be. Honest I am willing to be challenged, gently of course, mind!


  1. Right mix of Humor and spicy.

    I found your comment in Akismet comments, I have added it, and also I am adding you to my blogroll.

    Expecting posts with more humor 🙂


  2. Srinix
    Thanks for dropping by and appreciate your comments. Please don’t take me too seriously, just having some fun.
    If you want a real laugh, wrote this as part of my internship

    Not trying to self publicise but don’t know how else to let you know.
    bye for now

  3. Can’t I be both? I really want to be both. You should let me be both. I think I’m both.

  4. Bagel
    May I call you that, just sounds so edible. My fav is salmon with cream cheese.

    In your case willing to make an exception and ….Quite willing to accept that I could be wrong. I’ll let you be both only if you can tell me how, in what way can you be both?
    Proof of the pudding is in the eating! we’re back to bagels again! well they are round afterall.

    Should explain that was going to close this down as the course had finished and really I don’t know how to increase the readership + plus a bloody lot of work. I wrote this post just because I got a bit pissed off with some of the responders on some of the other blogs I visit.

    Do you think I should continue even if I have an internship with
    Thanks for the comment and your daft sense of humour.

  5. Hi Winslie,
    I reckon that most people who blog are doing so to change their world – even if only a little. It’s so much nicer to at least say what is on your mind and get it off your chest than to let those annoying little things fester into something bigger andthen blow up!

    Of course, blogging is the perfect way to be able to point and say, ” See… I said that was going to happen, didn’t I? Why did no-one listen? If only you’d all listened to me.

  6. Thanks talkNIadmin
    Like the avatar too! is that you looking out or world looking in?
    Glad to hear that people do want to change the world.
    But blogworld is so full of crap you have to wade through!
    just don’t know if I have the patience.

  7. Ooh err! Am I an activator or an actor?? In some ways, I blog to make the world a better place. Utopian arrogance, I know. I don’t know if it is a good idea to categorise everybody – categories indicate differences, and humans love to use differences to generate conflicts (And yes, I’m guilty of this too). Differences are not always used negatively, and their identification is wholly natural. We have this need to ‘measure’ everything.

    Whether we will ever see a different light, I don’t know. But I hope so. Add ‘optimist’ to the ‘utopian arrogance’ category;-)


  8. Alex
    Thank you for reminding me that differences are good.

    Both your additional categories are cool! Eternal Optimist even!

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