Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 28/03/2007

Are we too late?


There awakens in me a deep desire, of things I cannot see nor perceive,

Yet there is so much ire,

To right the wrongs, wrought, by the sons of Eve.

No soul alone can batter that fortress of hate,

Can turn the tide of ingrained and innate,

prejudicial self esteem, devours this race.

Imagine an army devoid of weapons.

Devoid of even the remotest feelings of anger or hate.

What joy to behold these glinting, smiling faces.

Secure in themselves ……or are we just too late?

slide0001_image002.jpg 27/03/2007 08:26:21

Inspired by email from Axinia.



  1. Hi
    Thanks for making a comment about my post. It is appreciated. I really like your blog. I guess you are like me and have become so frustrated with the hypocracy and lies in this world, that you can pretty much not stand it anymore.
    keep speaking your truth, because that is the one that is important.

  2. Oneplanetmikey,
    Thanks, yes frustration that there does not seem to be an answer or the ability to persuade others to seek it. Truthfully.

  3. Hi Winslie,
    A working version of the suffleList script is on the L drive. Have a good Easter.


  4. Sadly, I fear we are too late. It’s just too big and there are too many greedy, self-serving people in the world.

    Although I do have hope. You have to have hope.

    A very poignant piece.

  5. Thanks for popping in Vanessa.
    Yes! Without hope there would be nothing.
    I’ve not got into the flow of things after the easter break.

  6. “Imagine an army devoid of weapons.

    Devoid of even the remotest feelings of anger or hate.”

    a lovely thought

  7. Qazse
    It’s a thought!
    Perhaps it will happen if we all try hard enough.

    Thanks for your comment.

  8. I don’t mind the link at all and I appreciate you steering me towards your blog and this post.

    Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if what we can imagine actually came to be?


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