Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 20/03/2007

A Poem By Anjiie

02/02/07 3:59pm



Anjiie is one of this worlds unknown poets.  He is a prodigious writer with his own style of looking at the world.

He has a spring in his step, a thirst for knowledge and justice; who knows what he will achieve.


In the loneliness of my heart

I call to you

Like a son longs for the company of his father

Like a maid for that of her lover

Thirsting than anything else

I miss you even more than camels miss water

So I long for you

In the thickness of the night

In the darkness of my illusion

O banisher of ignorance

The bestower of Truth

At your feet I place myself

That I may know the truth

That radiates from your presence

At your feet my master

I remain

Unbound from the world

Freed from all illusions

I raise my head and look at thee

I see nothing but my face

I see nothing but truth

I see nothing but reality

Indeed you have come to take me home

Once again I call you Master

We have made our home

Far away beyond the stars

Never to fall again

Only to remain in eternity

Life as it is.


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