Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 17/03/2007

Witness to the Occupation: Facing Injustice in Palestine

by noticeable

Message of the Wall

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“Israel does not want you. Your very existence is a threat to our state. We do not want to hear or see you. Leave.

Such is the power of the psychological message of the wall. But the barrier has even greater physical consequences. As it snakes its way through the West Bank, its path is not faithful to the 1967 borders. The wall’s path, as conceived by Israeli authorities, swallows up vast acres of Palestinian land severing access to profitable farms, keeping students from schools, preventing the sick from reaching needed medical care and dividing families from one another. In the tiny village of Jbarrah, an old man walked us to the place where we could see beyond the barrier that stood above his town. With the afternoon sun falling across the landscape, he pointed out over the wall and told us that the breathtaking ridge just beyond the wall used to his village’s land. There, hundreds of olive trees sit, waiting for the harvest that may never come. The wall in Jbarrah also cuts off the village children from their local school. Through there is a gate that is supposed to open at certain times to allow access, Israeli soldiers consistently fail to abide by the established schedule.

 The gate is opened for the students only when the army gets around to it, leaving the children on some days waiting for hours in the rain. Only a makeshift shelter of blue tarps and aluminum poles sits at the gate’s entrance to protect the children from the weather as they endure the long waits that result from the army’s erratic schedule.”

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