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dispatches from blogistan

Dispatches from blogistana travel guide for the modern blogger

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“Dispatches from Blogistan maps out the confusing territory, seemingly so strange and quirky but increasingly becoming part of many people’s lives.” Foreword by D.V. Perlmutter

My mind says Suzanne Stefanac is a goddess, (author of dispatches from blogistan) I could be infatuated, even took the book to bed and woke up in the morning, grabbed the book to read, along with a cup of coffee by my side.

Cover to cover, the book consists of 248 pages made up of 13 chapters with each chapter averaging 17.5 pages. The longest chapter chap. 8: Packing your toolkit is 28.5 pages.



1 Blogs explode on the scene
2 A brief history of open discourse
3 Blogs as link fests
4 Blogs as diaries
5 Blogs as clubhouses
6 Blogs as newsrooms
7 Blogs as soapboxes
8 Packing your toolkit
9 Anatomy of a blog page
10 Writing that engages
11 Promoting your blog
12 Keeping it legal
13 Social networks on the rise

Now, I must hasten to add that I am assuming that you are like me, a complete and utter beginner, a novice – wide eyed and Wow! to everything bloggy.

This article/review is partly written for my own benefit, in that it aids my memory and is a shorthand version of what I have gleaned. I must also acknowledge that I am only able to grasp the significance or relevance of individual packets of information according to my point in the journey at the present position on the learning curve. I am aware that as knowledge grows, so will my absorption rate.

If you have no time at all to read anything else, dip into those 28.5 pages ( Ch 8: Packing your toolkit) and it’s bound to yield some gems.

These few page are brimming with ideas and suggestions, page 108 introduces the reader to industry speak i.e. jargon then moves into “mapping blog authority tools”. Page 111 gives you a choice of “free or standalone etc” , page 116 speaks of syndicating or subscribing and explains news aggregators. Page 120 moves further into publishing, news feeds, pod cast and video feeds. The Hot Links boxes area just great. Even a list of these on their own would be brilliant. Page 124 is about searching blogs and search engine rankings while page 126 is all about tagging, folksomonies and how they aid discovery.

There is also a section for the budding entrepreneur on making money. Finally page 133 is all about keeping your toolkit tidy and up to-date.

This book transformed from me from wanting to rant at the universe as a monoblogger to actually begin to contribute to a dialogue and discussion in real time. I cannot contain my excitement and want to jump up and down like a demented six year old.

Okay! I’ll contain myself.

http:\\ is the site to visit.

The style and content is so easy and feels like you are being led by the hand. I dreaded having to read books under the category of computers, society/internet and had a preconceived idea that it would be dull as dish water. How wrong could I be!

It is a skilful writing style with interview, comment and the time line in the first chapter at the bottom of the page (from pg 12 -29) though not comprehensive, is just that something that adds sparkle and keeps the interest.

I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone new to blogosphere.

And enjoy your journey, who knows might even bump into you.

Name of the book: dispatches from blogistan a travel guide for the modern blogger

Author:Suzanne Stefanac.
Published by: New Riders.
ISBN-0 -321-39555-7;

Copyright 2007;
Bookshelf Category: Computers and Society/ Internet

Dimensions 6×9;
Pages: 248;
Edition: 1st.

Multimedia Communication Level M.. Hemis Number U13218. Word Count: 660

Review 4 for assessment. IP of Cam50148. 06/03/2007


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