Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 26/02/2007

Review 3: The Digital Dilemma. Making the Most of the Digital Communication Technology and Pedagogy


Heather L Hundley reviews three books


  1. Decipering Cyberspace: Making the Most of the Digital Technology by Shyles L 2003.
  2. The Digital Sublime: Myth Power and Cyberspace by  Mosco V 2004
  3. How Images Think by Burnett R 2004

Glad this is just a 15 credit unit.  I find this part extremely tortuous.

Heather follows the pattern of “tell them what you are going to tell them about before you tell them and them remind them of what you told them”. 

It helps me in acquiring the art of reviewing and I wish had read this one before the other two.  Perhaps I’ve learned a useful lesson i.e. never publish until you are absolutely ready. 

My lesson for to-day is titled: Premature e-publication, just kidding, but a valid lesson nevertheless.

She clearly defines the structure of each book, breaking it down into individual chapters and giving a succinct glimpse, clarifying their contents.

It is an excellent review of the three books that “contribute to the early stage at the dawn of the digital age”.

Shyles contention of the dichotomy between cutting edge instructional content and developments in new technology publishing should be heeded as serious threats to the learning and teaching sector.  Equally the market segmentation Vs end user is also a clear siren call.  However will the end user not fall into groups thereby creating new segments within or similar to the older model, just sub-segments?

Heather’s precise telling of Deciphering Cyberspace leaves me with a little voice in my head “maybe I should read that book, might learn something”.  If I had been presented with a buy now opportunity, would I have been tempted.  A bit like the chocolate bars and sweets at the checkout queue.  Obviously writers like Heather are the articulate sandwich boards in cyberspace and that flea market is getting crowded, noisy and garish.

Mosco in her opinion “debunks the Pollyanna approach (of) claiming that digitalization is the answer to all life’s problems” interesting challenge!

How Images Think appears to be a difficult area, perhaps it’s the age old battle ground between artist and wordsmith.

In Conclusion

Fast pace of growth equally means reliance on second-hand material or reviews and the reviewers nuance.

Would have liked more on the HOW for pedagogy. Am I a cynic or is that word in the title to assist search engines?

Good learning nutrition of meat and two veg.

Multimedia Communication Level M.     Hemis Number U13218          Word Count: 416 

Review 3 for assessment.                        IP of Cam50148                       26/02/2007 




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