Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 19/02/2007

Random Thoughts: CROSSROADS

Today I arrived at the cross roads of my wee journey along the Mulcom [1]path, a bit similar to the one where as the story goes, the famous blues player sold his soul to the devil.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Until yesterday, “all my troubles seemed so far away”[2] no that’s not it.  Today I have to decide whether I want to be a MONOblogger or face up to reality that there is such a thing as the global village.

Animal Tales

This conjures up the image of the lamb that senses danger approaching and hides it’s head under mummy Baa sheep while it’s rear end is visible to the whole world, complete with a wagging tail.  You think to yourself, how daft can you get, silly wee lamb, muttering mint sauce as you go by.

Now that last sentence is the kind, which has the potential to invite trouble to my door.

Monoblogging could be quite safe couldn’t it?  After all as moderator you can either allow or deny a comment but at the same time you do have to admit that there are geek wizards out there who can practise the black arts of tech weirdry.  All respect to these knowledgeable ones.

Background Images

When the monks of the 13th C went through a village carrying their Latin bibles, the people fled in fear or did what the monk wanted, mainly because that pompous dude appeared to have a direct link to the almighty himself.  Lets look back at this scene, and we recognise that the costume, the manner of posturing and apparent eloquent verbocity were all just theatrical props that any village idiot could acquire, given the time and inclination.  Faith had nothing to do with it, just new knowledge.

Aren’t we still in the same scene to-day, except that these “monks” of the new technology can be anonymous?  Surely this must be a lot worse but we have to accept that knowledge is power, now as it was then.

What then is the solution to mere uninitiated mortals, apart from firewalls and anti-virus software?[3]

So what should I be; a monoblogger or someone who sticks his head out and invites comments and criticism, that is the burning question?  In a way it is about individualism as well as collectivism.

There has to be an element of truth in the voice of majority opinion.  But we cannot ignore the Green Zone [4]  where a few are able to stifle the truth and control what can be perceived as the acceptable alternative.

My proposed solution is to do both.  If I were to create a MONO category then, I can have a place to vent my spleen.  The problem with that of course is that monoblog, just sounds so boring and lonely, quite sad actually because it’s like pretending that there is no one out there yet using a medium designed for communicating with the global community.  It is unfortunately akin to monologue; yep I can fell a yawn coming.


I therefore turn to you for some advice:

What in your acquired wisdom is good practise for a blogger?

Let me thank you in advance for taking the time to read this …. What ever you want to call!  Ask as many questions as you want to, I don’t claim to have answers but some-one, some-where, surely will.


[1] Multimedia Communication.

[2] Yesterday.  Famous song by The Beatles.

[3] Free download

Baghdad. Allied forces.


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