Posted by: Winslie Gomez | 16/02/2007

Field of dreams

My memories are brighter than this image

Well, this is a little wee path of a new experience. 

It’s taken me two hours to figure out how to get a photo on to my post.

This was a picture taken with a EOS 650 SLR (days before digital became cheap).  I remember it distinctly, lying in the sun… was driving through the former Yugoslavia.



  1. Don’t understand why SportUK in every new post. Will need to figure this out.

  2. Hi justlearningman. Thought I would drop by to say that I appreciate your comments. Flash is a multimedia authoring tool which some of us used for making some movie clips. You see little movies that are run using Flash player and that is basically what we were doing. Hope this comment helps.

  3. Thanks jluzblog, I really DO NOT know anything about Flash, but the response was tongue in cheek.

    have fun

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